There are 4 special dishes having only in Tan Chau – An Giang such as “tung lo mo”, “banh bo re tre”, “bo leo nui”, “mam Tan Chau” that are willing to conquer any grumpy customers.

“Tung lo mo”

“Tung lo mo” dish is a special dish of Cham people in An Giang in general and Tan Chau town in particular. Cham people only eat beef, not pork. “Tung lo mo” dish is made from final pieces of beef, which is broken beef made use of after cooking two traditional dishes including “ca ri bo” (from India) and “ca pua” (from Thailand).

Like polony, “tung lo mo” is most delicious when being grilled (kilete) or fried (chuh), but it must be hot so that we don’t smell the tatters of tallow. “Tung lo mo” should be eaten right after being cooked. You will be tasted the sweetness of meat and grease, the sour taste of cold rice fermented mixed with spicy taste of chili. It is also eaten with fresh vegetables, fresh “rau can”, the sour taste of “khe” and the acrid of fresh banana. Beef polony should be eaten with lemon grizzly salt or chili sauce.

“Banh bo re tre”

 “Banh bo re tre” is one of the most unique specialties in Tan Chau – An Giang that visitors must try once. This cake gives visiotors sweet fat flavor and the special “nong” taste of fermented flour. It is called “banh bo re tre” simply because the cross section of the pie contains gas pipes such as strong bamboo roots.

“Bo leo nui” dish

 The first dish in the specialty list of Tan Chau An Giang is “bo leo nui”. Although it is called “bo leo nui”, this dish is not made from cows fed in high mountains. They are just usual cows but people has turned this dish into a famous specialty when cooking. Beef is cut into pieces lager than usual grilled beef. Beef is marinated with fresh eggs. The unique feature of this dish is at the furnace bar. It is made from cast-iron and the middle part emerges like mountain shape. Lard is spread over the bar then beef with a layer of golden butter is covered immediately. The spices blend together and create a very unique dish.

 “Mam” in Tan Chau 

One of specialties in Tan Chau – An Giang that many visitors buy is “mam Tan Chau” dish. Although it is not famous as “mam Chau Doc”, “mam Tan Chau” also has special features attracting visiotrs. You will be surprised with many golden “mam” stalls when visitting Tan Chau market.Tan Chau has “mam ca me” dish with unique and special flavor. While other types of “mam” are just used to cook “lau” and “chung”, “mam ca me” can be fried for eating. The tip to has delicious “mam ca me” dish is at “com ruou”, it will increase the sweet flavor of this dish.


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