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Posted by:admin Posted on:Jun 5,2017

To Turkey, you will enjoy the beauty of Kusadasi surrounded by walls against pirates under the Middle Ages; the oldest city in since the Roman empire; Green mausoleum with dome architecture in green; or racecourse of Hippodrome…In particular, you will be attracted by the breathtaking Pamukkale (cotton castle) which was recognized as the World’s Heritage in 1988 by UNESCO. There are hot springs, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. Besides, during your trip, do not miss Cappadocia which is the land of natural wonders with a wide range of shapes to visit underground city of Kaymakli with connecting rooms, lobbies, churches, food storages or unique houses carved out of stones…It is very interesting to visit Grand Bazzar market which has the largest and oldest roof in the world (built in 1461). There are 58 streets and 1,2000 shops selling jewelries, ceramic products, spices, curtains and ancient clothes…


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